Head of Social Responsibility

Today, at the end of term 2, grade 10, I am honored to become the head of social responsibility. Now I feel like a grownup responsible student that many other students look at me, the same look that I had to other grownups in the school. I will do all my best to be productive […]

DELF Ceremony 2015 at Choueifat International School, Dubai

DELF Ceremony Choueifat International School Dubai SABIS 2015

All UAE school students gathered to attend the first DELF ceremony and to get their certificates. My father was also attending. I had so much fun with my friends. I passed A2 with a reasonable grade and I have planned to apply for B1.

Dance award and cup

While end of days of grade 8 is reaching fast and I am fully involved in final exams, getting awards and cups for my achievements, make me more energetic and enthusiastic.