My trip to United Kingdom, Manchester City

Mahdi Bashash United Kingdom UK Manchester United Stadium

My favorite photo from my trip to UK on December 2015 with my family. I visited Manchester United Stadium. One of the best photos that I love is here to share with you.

Global Village Yummy Chocolate Cakes

Global Village Dubai Mahdi Bashash

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Yummy and interesting creativity to make the cakes and chocolate or cheese sauce. I could not resist to buy 10 of them and sharing with my mom and dad at Global Village Dubai[/dropcap]

New Design at Mall Of The Emirates

Emirates Mall Dubai Harvey Nichols

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Check the girl trying to catch me! Very nice and creative design by Harvey Nichols grabbing atention of all mall visitors. Many people stopping by to takea picture.[/dropcap]

From Spanish Soccer School

Spanish Soccer School Dubai

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Coming back from Spanish Soccer School, Friday at Greens with colorfull flowers.[/dropcap]

Painting without pen and paper

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]This is my first painted artwork on my iPad Mini! I used an application and painted with fingers. I have ordered an stylus for my iPad. Will give you more information about the applications and stylus after I get it. Amir Davoodi, my father’s friend is going to bring it from USA. The stylus […]

Cool day

Today was a nice day, I had fun and had a good time. And thats it. Bye bye………

A bad day for my dad.

When my dad understood that I love my mom more than him he became upset and his nerves were damaged. Thank you bye;)

Our 9th regional tournament

At saturday the 9th sabis regional tournament started and ended on sunday, it was only 2 days but we had alot of fun, students came from all over the world and there were more than 1000 participants from 23 schools and 12 countries and sports of football, basketball, swimming, and track and field. I had […]

One important exam finished

Math is absolutely main important material that I love and I am definetely good at. This morning my dad took me to my school in a lovely early morning dubai day. I could clearly see my dad was worried and nervous. I am very positive that I will get a very good mark. See you.

Carrot, egg, or coffee?

There are three kind of people. Carrots are strong people, but if you put them in a tough situation, they will lose their confidance like a car4ot in boiling water. Second kind of people are eggs, they seem to be too strong but shallow inside. They will fail from the first problem In their life. […]

A day under pressure

These days I am a little under pressure because all my efforts during the term is going to be tested in 7 days.however my familly is trying to keep me cool. Come back tomorrow, Bye.

Good day

Today was a good but frustrating day. Even though I got full in my religion exam, I got frustrated because I had to teach gr 3 in their spelling and they were so bad. Come back tomorrow see more stuff.

Normal day

As usual, again in the middle of our periodic they changed our exam cause of the “education” department, but our exam was easy. We had FRENCH composition and ENGLISH writing. I think I will get full in both but only god knows.

A bad day

Today was an awful day cause I got 2 silly mistakes in my math AMS and it was the easiest exam, but you know mistakes happen B). Come back tomorrow and see more stuff, Bye.

What happened in dance class

Today my idea for my dance show has been embraced by my teacher and the whole team will wear the same clothes. It is simple, elegant and fresh. We will have a different show this year. I will update you with pictures and videos. Stay tuned.

My first post

Hi there This is my very first post Thanks for coming by and reading.