Fund Raising For Nepal Earthquake Relief

I proudly attended soccer league: Fund Raising For Nepal Earthquake Relief. With my friends and my father, we enjoyed happily to participate a social gathering and to do our best, as a small part of the society, to rais fund for Nepal earthquake relief.

I was so tired because it was also my last day of Spanish Soccer School season and immediately after the session, I went to anticipate and do my responsibilty as a human being for the society.

I also got my certificate of anticipation. Very proud of having it in my hands.

Spanish Soccer School Certified

Today I finished and got my certificate for season 2014-2015, Spanish Soccer School. So excited and happy to see that my certificate has been signed by Michel Salgado.

Waiting for September 2015 to come and to start a new season.

Ocean, Rock and Smell of Life

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My latest artwork has been finished today. My dad got so excited when he saw the artwork and I was really happy and proud of his feeling. In fact, I use lots of energy and passion when making these artworks and I can feel that my energy is being transferred to others who see my job.

Then it was interesting the way my father talked to my mother about the artwork and invited her to look at the painting. She was also so excited.

It makes me so passionate and enthusiastic when I see others like and are affected from what I do.